Terms & Conditions


Thank you for choosing PT. IMBA KOMPUTER INDONESIA as a means of shopping for your IT needs. By using the information found on www.imba.co.id website, customers are required to read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions applicable in PT. IMBA KOMPUTER INDONESIA before using the www.imba.co.id website or shopping at the IMBA store. These Terms and Conditions may change at any time without prior notice. Hence, customers must re-read the page terms and conditions before using the www.imba.co.id

  1. IMBA KOMPUTER INDONESIA will now be referred to as IMBA for the ease of reading in the Terms and Conditions.


1) IMBA is a store that acts as a seller to help customers get the product they want. PT. IMBA KOMPUTER INDONESIA is not a Manufacturer or Distributor of the products sold. All information and policies regarding products are the rights of each vendor and distributor representative.

2) Some product images, packaging, and illustrations can change at any time without prior notice from the product manufacturer. Customers can request further information from our Customer Service.

3) IMBA strives to provide accurate information on website content. However, we do not guarantee that the information on our website is as up to date as the latest information from the product manufacturer or distributors.

4) IMBA operating hours start from Monday to Saturday at 10:00 WIB until 18:30 WIB (IMBA is operational on red dates and national holidays). Orders are processed on the same day once we have received payment confirmation before 17:00 WIB. Orders with payment confirmation after 17:00 WIB shall be sent the next day.

5) IMBA is officially only available on one site, www.imba.co.id, all information inclusive of official account numbers, telephone numbers, e-mails, and other information are all listed on the site. IMBA is responsible only for the content within the website. IMBA is not liable for any unauthorized activity or promotions that use the name IMBA from any 3rd party.

6) All transactions are carried out in accordance with the laws & legislation of the Republic of Indonesia.

7) IMBA is not responsible for any misuse of goods and services purchased. All usage of products and services that are incorrect or unlawful, benefits, norms, the applicable law shall be the buyer's responsibility since receiving the goods in question. Any losses incurred is the buyer’s responsibility.

8) It is strictly prohibited to use the IMBA name without the permission and consent of PT. IMBA KOMPUTER INDONESIA. For those who violate the sanctions imposed under applicable law in the Republic of Indonesia and compensation of at least Rp. 500,000,000 (Five hundred million Rupiah).

9) The buyer is deemed to have known and accepted any risks that may arise from the use of a product purchased in the future. Specifically for any product that has the risk of use and hereby, releases us (the Seller) of any claim on the purchased product.

10) Customer complaints on IMBA services and suggestions, please send an email to support@imbapc.com


  1. 1) IMBA accepts Cash payments in Rupiah and does not support payments with Tempo, Checks, or Current accounts without exception. For alternative installments with the installment system, Customers can shop via Tokopedia www.tokopedia.com/imbapc. Please always be alert for purchases via E-Commerce other than at https://www.tokopedia.com/imbapc and always confirm before making a payment transfer.



1) Customers can request a quotation order through our website to check stock and prices or custom made PCs.

2) The price information listed in IMBA is the last price that is informed by the Distributor / Vendor and may change at any time without notice. If you have made a transaction and an increase in price, IMBA will confirm again, and the customer has the right to continue or cancel the transaction.

3) IMBA is not obliged to provide goods or the same price according to the information on the quotation order if there is an increase from the distributor or limited stock available at the Distributor.


1) The quotation is made not to sign the reservation of goods. IMBA will make a reservation for products after full payment is received.

2) If a price decline occurs for goods that have been paid in full, then the price difference cannot be refunded.

3) Items that have been purchased through the IMBA store and under the information stated on the purchase note cannot be exchanged or returned.

4) IMBA does not accept the installation of illegal (pirated) software in any form.

5) IMBA does not provide service/maintenance services that can so that checking the problematic hardware can only be done in our store.


1) The refund process for cancellation of transactions due to empty stock, price increases can take around 3 (three) working days (not including red dates and national holidays) because through the stages of submission from marketing, financial audit, owner's approval, then transfer from finance.


1) The Shipping cost from quotation is estimated using the product’s weight and the buyer’s destination. Therefore, there be price differences in delivery cost.

2) If the delivery cost is more than the paid amount, IMBA reserves the right to withhold the delivery until the difference in delivery cost has been paid. Our marketing team will inform the customer about the price difference.

3) IMBA engages 3rd party delivery services to conduct deliveries. The duration of delivery is determined by the . IMBA is not liable for any delays in product delivery which has been handed to the 3rd party provider.

4) Every delivery by 3rd party delivery providers is subjected to possibilities such as increased costs & risks of damage. To protect customer’s satisfaction and to have a disappointing online PC purchase experience, IMBA recommends customer to choose wooden packaging & purchase delivery insurance from the 3rd party provider. IMBA is not responsible for any damages, increase in costs and delays caused by the 3rd party provider.

5) In the event of lost goods or any form of damage due to the risk of shipping. IMBA reserves the right to choose to compensate


  1. 1) All products sold at IMBA have warranty coverage that varies according to the policies of vendors & distributors. Warranty coverage begins from the date of purchase as stated in purchase invoice. IMBA has the right to reject warranty claims without a purchase note.
  3. 2) IMBA offers after sales warranty services to help customers to make warranty claims for product damages due to manufacturing defects or usage under the warranty period.
  5. 3) By processing warranty claims through IMBA, the Customer has authorized IMBA to handle warranty claims, follow-up the warranty claims process and re-check.
  7. 4) Service & spare parts warranty is applicable as long as the specific unit of goods is within the warranty period. The process of replacing the entire unit of products is only done on certain items and subjected to the terms and conditions of respective vendors & distributors.
  9. 5) Warranty claim process can take up to an unspecified amount of time since it depends on the decision on each distributor. IMBA cannot speed up the warranty claim process
  11. 6) IMBA does not charge fees for the warranty claim service. However, any shipping costs to & from occurred during the process of warranty claim are borne the customers.


  1. 7) Additional cost can be incurred for an upgraded part whenever there are no replacement parts for the spoilt goods due to limited stock of replacement goods. Customers will be informed of the uncured cost and tell us of the decision of carrying out the upgrade.

    8)The seal printed on each product sold is special seal that cannot be damaged, covered or unreadable. Seal damage to the product can cause voiding of the warranty. Customers are required to always check the condition of the product seal at time of purchase.

    9) Cancellation(void) guarantee can also occur if there is a physical defect in the unit(bent, broken, burned, corrosion, mold or dents or there are impact marks), the scribbling on the physical unit, or damage caused by force majeures such as floods, landslides, typhoons, riots and so on. IMBA has the right to reject warranty claims for units with physical disabilities.